Free Voice Message Transcription and Other Services of Gem4me Messenger

Gem4me messenger’s main news of August is the introduction of free service for audio message transcription in several languages.

The functionality is universal and quite straightforward: simply press the button next to an audio file and the transcribed text version will be depicted directly below. Moreover, transcription in additional languages will be added shortly.

From now on Gem4me users are able to extract information from voice messages with more convenience, as the option of listening to them is not always available, yet reading a text is accessible in any situation.

Furthermore, this option is either absent from other messengers or is offered as part of a paid subscription as Telegram Premium does.

These are by far not all of the unique capabilities that Gem4me offers to its users.

In modern days, people tend to spend more and more time in the virtual environment of the internet and various gadgets. This isn’t surprising, as a wide range of services, activities, and processes can now be done electronically.

As a result, Gem4me strives to promptly react to the emerging needs of modern users.

All communication formats with no limits

Messages, voice calls, and transferring files — are all the formats of interaction and data transfers available to all the users of the messenger. Moreover, there are no limits on the speed or on the size of files.

Unlimited capabilities surpass what other messengers currently offer; for instance, Telegram allows increasing the size of a file being transferred up to 4Gb only with a paid premium subscription.

On the contrary, Gem4me allows file transfers with no limits on size or amounts.

Full-scale work beyond the office

Various services are necessary for completing work-related tasks remotely — from simple tasks like creating work chats or sending an extensive number of files, to hosting video conferences with a large number of participants, including moderated conferences, conducting live presentations, and recording all calls and conferences.

Gem4me offers a complete package of all these services free of charge. The most comprehensive virtual workspace is offered to those who are registered in the messenger.

One can truly focus on core work tasks and creatively approach presentations of new ideas or promptly resolve urgent tasks as there is no reason to be concerned about the technical portion of interacting with colleagues and partners when all the technical notions and processes are perfectly tuned. Remote work becomes much more hassle-free and convenient with a good connection and a high internet speed compared to other work formats.

Space for blogger creativity

Gem4me also offers bloggers their own space for their creativity. A separate section of the application is devoted to information channels. There are numerous public channels in the messenger already and they are structured by convenient thematic widgets.

The feature allows choosing the most suitable channels from both the most popular and recently added ones. Developers give the opportunity for new channels to showcase their content to a broad audience by placing them in collections of interesting channels.

Additionally, a new function of dynamic user behavior analysis was introduced in August for the purpose of recommending best-fitting channels and topics.

The mechanism of gathering information is not complicated – upon the initial launch of the application a user selects his or her preferences, after which the system conducts an analysis of the user’s behavior: what he or she reads, which channels are most frequently visited, which ones are being subscribed to and more.

There are extensive capabilities for bloggers as well. They are now able to receive feedback from their readers in terms of comments and donations, as both of these functions were integrated into the application in April of this year.

Furthermore, Gem4me also has its own editor for article creation in the “Channels” section.

There is no need to complicate the publication process by transferring all the materials from another editing tool – the application allows users to add pictures and links, edit headings and publish the ready material thereafter.

A Marketplace that inspires entrepreneurs

Gem4me ecosystem has its own global MarketSpace commercial platform integrated into it.

Users can find products from all over the world there. Moreover, the built-in translator in 17 languages makes communicating with international sellers much more convenient.

Continuous addition of acquirers in various countries is implemented for convenient payment and delivery solutions, as the shipping service will be unveiled in the nearest time.

Launching your own business on MarketSpace is simple — just register your account and choose the product or service you intend to sell.

Moreover, the capability of integrating all of the product positions at once is provided for those entities who would prefer to transfer their operational online store as a whole, instead of doing so with one individual item.

The application’s commercial platform encourages entrepreneurs not only to start their own businesses but also to produce and creation of items for selling on MarketSpace.

The international user base will gladly utilize products from all over the world and other hand-made items.

Technologies are continuously helping people attain their set goals, that is their true value and purpose.

Gem4me messenger allows one to unleash their creative potential, conduct business, work, and much more – an abundance of reasons to get acquainted with such a well-versed communication assistant.

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